NBC Learn Languages Video Courses

NBC Learn Languages is an interactive, online self-study program based on a broad selection of NBC videos enriched with hundreds of interactive language-learning exercises and tools. Using our multi-award-winning learning technology, you can learn any device– anywhere and anytime. The NBC Learn Languages course development team ensures that you will improve your language skills with the most comprehensive learning path. Our individualized learning-progress measurement tool provides detailed reports and analytics on your personal development and is separated by skill and unit topic.
You can complement NBC Learn Languages Video Courses with online tutoring conversation training or achieve an integrated, blended learning approach.

NBC Learn Languages offers video courses for every audience

English for K-12

Developing comprehension and practice skills. MORE

English for Business

Building professional English skills for global business and international careers. MORE

English for Citizenship

Featuring video lessons in U.S. history, politics, and culture. MORE

Everyday English

Developing intermediate-level skills, critical for success. MORE